Weston - Six Months

Little Weston Lee is officially half a year old!  He is such a pleasant and good baby, and is almost always smiling.  His favorite time of day is undoubtedly the mornings.  He loves fruit baby food, but can definitely pass on the vegetable and meats. :)  Loves to play, and sure does love his big sissy!  We love you big boy.


Ava - 3 Years Old

There is much truth in the saying that when your children are young the days are long, but the years are short.  How are we celebrating this sweet girl's 3rd birthday today?! 

Ava, you changed our lives forever the day you were born.  As a newborn we were in awe you were ours and at just how perfect and beautiful you were.  As your personality began to blossom, we fell in love with you more, as there was just more to love and know!  Today we celebrate you being not a "baby" anymore, but a sweet, tender, loving, fun, sometimes crazy, beautiful little girl.  Only God knows the plans he has for you, and we pray you'll always desire to know them.  We love you more then words could ever express. Happy birthday Ava!  


Weston - 5 Months

I try to cherish the moments of each stage, but it seems like each one that comes is better then the last!  This little guy is such a sweetheart, and is such a joy to have in our family.  Always smiling, giggling, cuddling... and drooling and chewing on everything his little hands can get a hold of!  I love him more then words can say.  Happy five months little buddy!